About Me

Hi there!  I am a workaholic IT Director and mom of two beautiful young children. I have a classic Type A personality with a lot of creativity mixed in and I have a very difficult time relaxing.  I know that spare time is something that dreams are made of, but I have a passion to create!

I’ve been interested in arts and crafts since I was a little girl – making crafts with my mom and drawing with my grandfather.  In the last few years, I’ve developed a growing interest in painting.  I’ve mostly worked in acrylics, but I am broadening my horizons by experimenting with watercolor pencils, gelatos and several other new mediums.  Recently, I decided to sell some of my work.  Since I’m not ready to part with most of my originals, I found an amazing local place that scans my paintings and creates prints that I can matte and sell.  As I continue to put my ideas to paper (or canvas), I’m hoping to grow my Etsy shop.

The primary theme of my artwork centers around the beach and tropical scenes.  I’ve always been a Baltimore girl who dreamed of living at the beach.  Since that’s my definition of escape, it only makes sense to make that the focus of my paintings.  I also plan to create a few pieces with personal sentimental ties to special people in my life.  In another direction, I enjoy creating children’s art for my kids, so you may see some of that as well.

Through my blog, I want to share my ideas, thoughts and experiences with you as we talk about crafting how-tos, mishaps, supplies, storage, kid’s crafts and anything else that comes along!  Don’t worry, I won’t keep this 100% craft related.  After all, I am a mom above everything else, so be on the lookout for reviews, tips and other posts for all the parents out there.

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey!